We are a non-profit association, formed by businessmen, employees, teachers, retirees and students, related to the production and transformation of steel, who collaborate altruistically in the organization of different activities in favor of the steel industry.

We are one of the 21 chapters of the “Association for Iron & Steel Technology”, AIST, which has more than 18,500 members in more than 70 countries.


To be a world leader in networking, education and sustainability programs that optimize iron transformation processes and technology in steel production.

With strong philanthropic and industry support, the Foundation funds initiatives to promote the steel industry as a viable and rewarding career option for young engineers.

Each year, the AIST Foundation awards more than $700,000 for college scholarships and grants to programs to develop interest in a career in the steel industry.

Executive Board
2024 - 2026

Óscar Chahín


Monserrat López

Vice Presidenta

Héctor Morales


Jorge Fernández


Felipe Villarreal

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