Steel Industry





Optimization of the specific energy consumption and PwrOn of the EAF GERDAU Corsa Tultitlán Plant through AMI International Constant Monitoring Service.

E. Campos Fermín, T. Dimas Robledo, C. Martínez Fernández, V. Rincón Vera, L. Molina Rubio, A. Elizondo, J. Villegas Dueñas

Gerdau Corsa Tultitlán,
AMI Automation

Danieli Digimelter Q-One technology: Efficient energy source for electric furnaces through Hi-performance power unit

Michele Mangia, Raul Dose

Danieli Automation S.p.A.

Off gas technology for EAF operations

Jesus Andrade, Saul Gonzalez, Emmanuel Placier

AMI Automation

AMI Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications for EAF Optimization

Guillermo Fernandez, Mariana Viale, Roberto Rosales, Jose Hernandez Reyna, Eduardo Amador

AMI Automation

Reuse of steel mill fines as new raw material for the process

Jorge Lerdon Parra

TMS International

Theory and Practice for Producing Very Low Sulfur in Advanced High Strength Steel and API grades

Michael L Lowry, Ruben Lule Gonzalez, Carlos Garcia, M.C Gilberto Cardenas, J. Luis Bravo Camarillo

Lule & Lowry Steelmaking Process Consultants, ArcelorMittal México

Optimization of secondary metallurgy for the manufacture of low carbon steels

Yetsenia Cruz Hernández, Hernán Hernández Guerrero, Rodolfo Olivares Robles, Oscar Villalón Salinas

Grupo Acerero

Improvement of casting quality of peritectic steels at Ahmsa through modification (doping) to the lubricating powder of the continuous casting mold of steel.

Ma. Carolina Campero, V. Fuentes, I. Mata, C.D. Campos , J.M. Ledezma

Vesuvius USA, Vesuvius Mexico, AHMSA

Six Sigma oriented to linear mass reduction in square section billet.

L. Zamorano Mejia, L. Cortés Rodríguez, P. Valenzuela Contreras, C. Martínez Fernández, L. Molina Rubio

Gerdau Corsa Tultitlán

CMT "Continuous Minimill Technology“ for efficient production of long products

Carlo Cascino, Marco Abram, Stephan Feldhaus, Andrea Lanari, Filippo Verlezza

SMS group S.p.A.

Simulation and Performance Results for Electromagnetic Stirring Technology on Arvedi 450t Consteel® furnace

Giovanni Arvedi, Larry H. Heaslip, Andrea Bianchi, Cavina Daniele, Andrea Aiolfi, Silvio Reali, Andrea Grasselli, Hongliang Yang, Anders Lehman, Zaeim Mehraban, Lidong Teng, Philippe Mouls

Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A., Interflow Techserv Inc., Tenova S.p.A, ABB Metallurgy, ABB AB

Desulfurization process for low alloy weldable reinforcing steels in a non-LF steel mill.

C. Martínez Fernández, T. Dimas Robledo, E. Campos Fermín, V. Rincón Vera, L. Molina Rubio

Gerdau Tultitlán

Operation of steel mill ladle pre-heater with 100% green hydrogen and zero CO2 emissions

Itsaso Auzmendi Murua, Juan Blanco Requesens

Sarralle Environment&Energy